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2016 Ironman Training - Mt. Tremblant

Pre-Ride at Tremblant

2016 – A Celebration of Life


I believe we have each seen messages to remind us to live in the moment, seize the day, and not dwell on the past.


There are millions of quotes and sayings to help remind us of that.  We know we are responsible for what we take out of each day and for our attitudes.


We cannot always choose our ‘reaction’ to something in life, but we are each in full control of our ‘response’ to those things.  We can choose to fight, to carry on, to stay positive, to be the bigger person, to do what’s right.  Those are all the difficult things.  The easy things, giving up, hating, fearing, regretting, reacting….. those are always negative.


We get to decide if the glass is half full or half empty.  Car crashes, bike crashes, cancer, sickness, gun shots, financial stresses, job action; we all have easy reasons to feel negative at times.  We have easy reasons be depressed, or cautious, or feel defeated.


However, there is a very power equal and opposite truth.  We are all here today.


We are here surrounded by people who love us.  Surround by friends, by those we care about and who care about us.


We get to embrace what we have and make the most of the moments, the opportunities, and the chances we’re given.



Long-distance triathlon is symbolic in many ways.  Literally, it’s not the race, it’s the journey.  Just as in life, it’s not the destination, it’s the moments along the way.  It’s the moments, the days, the times, the laughs, and the cries that are important… and that are worth celebrating and embracing.



Our 2016 Ironman Campaign is going to be a celebration.  A celebration of life.  We are going to set goals, overcome fears, overcome bad days, overcome challenges of all kinds.


We are going to embrace what we’ve been given.  My Mom, Janet got a second chance after nearly being killed by truck while on her bike.  George is here, with us, having not lost his fight with Cancer.  Neal is here with us, having not lost his fight with a criminal.  Patti-Jo is here with us, having not lost her fight.  Barry is here with us, having not given up despite his challenges with his health.  People elsewhere are fighting war, poverty, terrorism, and worse.


This list goes on and on as we each have our demons.  We each have our weaknesses. 


Our glass is half full.  Every day it fills more.

We each have our reasons to be thankful to be grateful and to celebrate today.


Barb and I are going to lead this campaign to celebrate what is and what will be.  What is: we’re hear and we have a chance to do something positive.  What will be; are goals met, challenges overcome, and examples to be set for Osker-Karl and his new sibling due to arrive on May 27.



Celebrate Life with Aktiv Racing and Trysport Niagara


2016 Ironman Mt. Tremblant Training Group


Price: $250 (* +hst)

Term: January 11, 2016 to August 21, 2016

Plan: Ironman specific training group and training plan geared towards a personal best performance at Ironman Mt. Tremblant.  With Around the Bay run focus until end of March.



  • on-line training plan (via Training Peaks),
  • monthly seminars on topics relevant to the overall plan (nutrition, training with power, race execution, swim and run technique, etc.)
  • team-issue top (to be determined; will be either tri top or bike jersey)
  • team-issue full-zip hoodie, Made in Canada,


Registration begins on Tuesday November 24, 2015

Lets collect the best quotes:




Pre-Swim at Mt. Tremblant

Triathlon and Endurance Focused Swim Training


Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 05:30 to 07:00, at the Kiwanis Pool

24 spots available:

Week of: Jan 4 - Mar 12 - $140* (10 weeks)
*plus HST

The program will be structured such that Wolf will also be swimming most mornings.  With or without his attendance at swim there will always be a relevant workout that is part of the long-term plan and based on all previous and upcoming workouts.  Monthly test-sets will help determine a 'base pace time' that each of you will use for main sets in subsequent weeks.

There will be specific recovery weeks where the swim sessions will be skills based and will employ some of the features of the swim clinics we have hosted over the past few years, including the underwater video analysis.  Wolf will coach these workouts from in and out of the water.

The focus of the swim program will be endurance freestyle swimming with the presumption one might be interested in triathlon/open water swimming.  Coaching methods will include the development of all swim strokes including back, breast, fly, and kick.

Equipment Required includes:
- fins
- paddles
- band (I'll provide)
- pull buoy (there are generic ones at the pool if you don't have your own)
- kick boards (also basic ones at the pool... the smaller and firmer the better if buying one)

Trysport Niagara has all equipment in stock.  Each registrant for this program may have 25% off a team suit (it will be a good one!!).

You're welcome to email me with any questions.  Registration is open, in-store or by phone, 905.646.4743.

If you'd like to get MUCH faster than you are now this is your chance to swim like a swimmer.

Aktiv Trail Runs

Race Date + Distance(s):

November 15, 2014 - 6km, 12km, 18km, & 24km NEW YOUTH 3KM


New - One race date with all distances.


New Student Pricing for all events (race t-shirt included)

Students Grade 1-8: $10

Students Highschool and University: $20

Aktiv Swim Series

NEW Date and Location for the Welland race!!




Monday August 3 - Welland International Flatwater Centre




Race DISTANCE Options:

Try-a-Swim: 500m,

Sprint Swim: 750m,

Olympic Swim: 1.5km,

Half Ironman Swim: 1.9km,

Ironman Swim: 3.8km


Canada Day - Kids Splash & Dash


Niagara's KIDS focused Swim & Run Event


Start your Canaday Day celebration in Lakeside Park in beautiful Port Dalhousie.

The City of St. Catharines Canada Day events will be hosted in Lakeside Park in 2015.  The Lion's Club Midway starts at 11:00 on Canada Day, with events throughout the day and fireworks in the evening.




(City Canada Day Details Here).

Register for our Beginner Triathlon Clinic



Starting June 1 - August 3


Mondays at 5:30 pm


For more details click here

If you have question email

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Join Aktiv Racing to start your training for your 2015 Ironman triathlon, Fall or Spring Marathon, or first ever race. Details Here

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What's New?


November 15th

on the Bruce Trail by Brock University

Distance options: 3km, 6km, 12km, 18km, 24km


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