SWIM TIPS for the Long Distance Triathlon or your first Give-It- a-Tri

Always get in the water early to warm up:

  • Make sure you’re set up in transition with more than 30min to walk down to the swim start and get ready for the swim. It’s common to put your wetsuit on up to your hips in transition, then walk to the swim start with only what you need to race (swim cap, goggles, and timing chip).
  • Once at the waters edge, get your suit on and get in the water. Then, intentionally let some water in through the neck of the suit. Do some double arm backstroke, and some high-knees water running, and allow the suit to slide into all the correct spaces around your legs, core, and arm pits. This is also the time to pee (true story). THEN exit the water and allow the bubble of water you allowed into your suit to drain out the legs. NOW the suit is on your body correctly. Now may enter and reenter the water to warm up and/or wait on land for your start,
  • Stop by the Trysport Niagara tent to ensure your wetsuit is fitting well and on correctly. We’ll help you get it on right and help you with any last minute tips and tricks for your race. Preview the Course AND the Exit
  •  When you’re finished getting the suit on correctly, take some time to look over the course and get familiar with where you’re going,
  • Pending the shape of the course, look for the major turn buoys rather than any smaller intermediate buoys. You don’t have to swim buoy to buoy, you simply need to get to the major corners and turns,
  • Look for landmarks behind the buoys on the course. They are often easier to sight for than the buoy themselves. Look for tall distinct trees, or buildings, or docks, etc.
  • MAKE SURE you also swim out, turn around, and look at the swim exit. Look for a landmark behind the swim exit so that when you’re out in the middle of the lake, looking back, you have a landmark to sight for – you won’t always be able to see the exit buoy

Pace Smart

  • Don’t play all your cards in the first 100-400m of the swim. Start strong but set a pace that allows you to build to a faster pace as you progress. Imagine making the each leg of the rectangle course a little bit stronger than the previous,

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